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Houses viewed 1 billion times

Using funda's big data from the 1 billion times houses were viewed in 2016, it became apparent that the average funda visitor dreams of a castle, searches for a detached house but ends up buying a terraced house. We asked ourselves whether we could use thee insights to design a house.


A terraced house that feels like a castle

Dutch people are looking for space. They want spacious homes, which are scarce in our small, densely-populated country. Architects Jeroen Atteveld and Dingeman Deijs used funda's big data to design the Dutch dream house, a terraced house that feels like a castle.

Open landing

Swaying through the house

A staircase which meanders through the house connects all parts of the house to each other. An open landing connects all the rooms. The landing gives you exciting views through the house.

Walk-in Bath

Luxury and comfort are both possible

The funda House has thick walls, reminiscent of a castle. The walls make the house durable and offer space for compact rooms, not necessarily lavish chambers. As a result, you get cabinet spaces and new terms such as 'walk-in bath', a ‘box-bedroom’ and a ‘see-through attic’. The ‘remaining’ square meters are added to the now spacious living room.


Space for the whole family

The average Dutch family needs 3 to 4 bedrooms. You want a sense of privacy, but does this require 3 bedrooms of 12 m² each? The architects designed the tower room for the parents, a see-through attic and a box-bedroom.

See-through Attic

Light as a spatial element

The design allows a lot of light into the house, often in unexpected ways. In this way, beams of sunlight which enter through the roof of the see-through attic shine all the way down into the living room. The ceiling of the tower room is made entirely of glass, as is almost the entirety of the rear facade.

Tower Room

A castle with a dormer

The tower room of the funda House is, to put it bluntly, a reverse dormer. The view is not focused on the facade of the rear neighbors, but on the world-famous Dutch skies. There is a wardrobe under the bed, and there is even a bathroom.

Rear Facade

Privacy with an open character

The front facade appears 'closed', but the 'open masonry' (a special technique) ensures that filtered light can shine in and offers a good view of the street. In contrast, the back of the house is wide open, with double doors to the garden which are almost two stories high.

In A Row

Not like the average house

The funda House is unique. It offers the spacious feeling of a castle, but is designed in such a way that it can be built on any street in between other terraced houses.

funda House Average terraced house

Step inside

View the funda House in its entirety

Tip: Do you own a pair of VR glasses? Then take a virtual tour using the 360° photos.

‘Our question was: is it possible build a house using the funda data?’

Jurriaan van Gent, Data Analyst at funda

‘A castle was the basis for a new kind of terraced house’

Jeroen Atteveld, Architect at Heren5


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