Bremlaan 11 1213 SW Hilversum

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Hightlighted features

  • Year of construction 1957
  • Living area 365 m²
  • Number of rooms 7
  • Plot size 2,371 m²



This villa is, which was entirely renovated in 2005 with a high standard, many facilities and extensive home automation, is located at one of the most beautiful and peaceful locations of Hilversum. The gorgeous garden around the house and the spacious home compliment each other to create one integrated area and offer peace, space, privacy and, filled with animals, an fantastic place for nature lovers (see Youtube Bremlaan 11 Hilversum). The two suites with bathrooms are composed of 4 original bedrooms and have air conditioning. The current office space together with the gym and the cinema underneath make the house suitable for many uses. The detached insulated and heated garage with a guest apartment has its own central heating, security system, network and porch.

Many facilities were added after the complete renovation in 2005. In a result of this, among other things, the cinema, home automation, network, security system and camera surveillance were adapted to modern technology.

Heating / Air conditioning
The ground floor, the basement and the bathrooms have underfloor heating. Each room has its own thermostat which is controlled by the home automation. The entire central heating system is set at a low temperature, which benefits energy consumption and a possible transition to a heat pump. The bedrooms are heated and cooled by air conditioning.

Fire places
In the living rooms there are 2 fire places. One big fire place that can be fired with wood and a smaller gas fired one.

Garden view
Through 6 opening patio doors and an extension of glass, you have a good view on and access to the garden. This makes the garden experience present throughout the entire home.

The original garage has been replaced by what is now used as an office space, with a cinema room / basement underneath. This makes working at home or creating an extra bedroom on the ground floor possible.

Part of the heated basement is furnished as a cinema. On a screen of 2,60 to 1,45 m you can enjoy beautiful images accompanied by an 10.1 audio-installation (auro-3d interface). This section is equipped with acoustic features to create the highest quality of sound.

The garage is suitable for 2 cars, completely insulated, has its own central heating system together with the guest apartment and has a spacious attic. The garage doors can be operated remotely.

Guest apartment
The guest apartment or Guesthouse is located behind the garage and has its own central heating system, bathroom with shower and toilet, network connection, TV cable connection, security system facilities and a lovely porch which is joyfully used by all residents. The lighting can be operated by smartphone.

An extensive security system is supported by a camera surveillance system. The images from the 8 camera’s are stored, protected and can be viewed remotely. The images served not only for safety reasons but mainly for the convenience and observation of the pets. The access to the front door is free for visitors but further access to the property is closed. Some low windows that can be reached by the public are burglar-resistant.

The south side of the house has sunshades that can be controlled remotely. This keeps the house cool for a long time during summer.

The living rooms and bedrooms are ventilated via a heat recovery installation. The bathrooms have mechanical ventilation, linked to the home automation system. The basement and the Guesthouse are mechanically ventilated.

Electric gate and garage doors
Both the electric gate on the side of the house and the garage doors can be operated remotely. This increases the convenience if, for example, packages have to be delivered.

Energy efficient
The energy index of the house is 1.83 and can be classified in category D, this is 0,02 above category C. All floor heating pumps are Eco-pumps. The lighting of the ground floor, basement and garden consists mainly of LED lighting. The lighting, TV, audio and Wifi are automatically switched to night mode when the alarm is switched on. The heating in various rooms is controlled via home automation. The solar panels ensure a greatly reduced electricity consumption.

The entire house is equipped with network cables and TV connections. The camera’s and the Sonos audio installation, which are usually used wirelessly, are now also connected via network cables. Your own firewall and various routers ensure a reliable and well-functioning cabled network. This makes the use of Wifi not really necessary, but possible.

Home automation
The base of the electrical installation consists of a KNX system, the worldwide standard for building automation. This makes, for example, all lighting buttons programmable. Because of Xxter, it has become possible to control the property in a friendly and secure way via your smartphone. The (possible remotely) parts to be controlled are: security system, lighting, camera’s, heating, sunshades, garage doors, electric gate, front door, intercom and patio heating, Via Xxter, the resident has the option to easily create scenes themselves. A number of scripts take care of the logic, such as controlling the bathroom ventilation or switching off the light when the security system is turned on.

Emergency power supplies
The entire network and camera surveillance system are connected to emergency power supplies. This protects the equipment against direct power outages and possible interferences on the network. A generator can be connected in the power cabinet, which makes it possible to still power all necessary equipment. There is a fire-resistant cabinet for storing gasoline in the garage.

Own source / irrigation
The property has its own source with good water quality. The garden can be irrigated through an extensive irrigation system. This installation has a programmable controller.

Special characteristics:
- Very solidly built villa from 1957, entirely renovated in 2005 extremely well maintained
- Living are 365 m2
- With search-key Bremlaan 11 you will find a drone-film of the house and film of the local visiting wildlife in the garden.
- Irrigation installation with own source.

Very nice, perfectly located in the sun, plot of over 2000 m2 of private land


Transfer of ownership

Asking price
€ 1,895,000 kosten koper
Asking price per m²
€ 5,192
Listed since
8 weeks
Available in consultation


Kind of house
Villa, detached residential property
Building type
Resale property
Year of construction
Type of roof
Combination roof covered with roof tiles

Surface areas and volume

Living area
365 m²
Other space inside the building
3 m²
Exterior space attached to the building
22 m²
External storage space
65 m²
Plot size
2,371 m²
Volume in cubic meters
1,180 m³


Number of rooms
7 rooms (4 bedrooms)
Number of bath rooms
3 bathrooms and 2 separate toilets
Bathroom facilities
3 showers and 2 toilets
Number of stories
2 stories and a basement
Air conditioning, alarm installation, balanced ventilation system, outdoor awning, smart home, mechanical ventilation, flue, sliding door, TV via cable, solar collectors and solar panels


Energy label
D 1.83 What does this mean?
Roof insulation, double glazing, mostly double glazed, insulated walls and floor insulation
CH boiler, gas heater, fireplace, partial floor heating and heat recovery unit
Hot water
CH boiler
CH boiler
Nefit Topline HRC45-CW6 ( combination boiler from 2011, in ownership)

Cadastral data

Cadastral map
2.371 m²
Ownership situation
Full ownership

Exterior space

Alongside a quiet road, sheltered location, In wooded surroundings and in residential district
Surrounded by garden

Storage space

Shed / storage
Detached wooden storage
No insulation


Type of garage
Detached wooden garage
2 cars
Electrical door, loft, electricity, heating and running water
Completely insulated


Type of parking facilities
Parking on private property


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