Carla van den Brink B.V.

Carla van den Brink B.V.

Carla van den Brink B.V.

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Estate Agency Carla van den Brink loves the city of Amsterdam. But maybe it loves the city’s inhabitants even more. And one takes good care of one’s loved ones. That has been our credo since 1979, and it will always remain our credo.

To us, the real estate business is first and foremost a matter of taking good care of our real estate and of our city. But above all, taking good care of the people we are allowed to work for.

People create a neighbourhood, they write history together. The city cannot do without them. They play the key role in the new story we are writing together. So taking good care of them is the least we can do.

Our motto is real estate is our business, creating stories along the way. We are aware of this during every step of the buying and selling process. We kindly ask you to help us keep that promise and make sure we fulfil our motto each and every day.

Which new history will we be allowed to write with you?


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  • Languages

    English, German, French, Spanish and Italian

  • Services

    Sale, purchase, rental, hire, appraisals, new construction and auction

  • Number of employees


  • Certificates

    VastgoedCert, NWWI and NRVT

  • Specialties

    Investing, new construction, monument and repurpose


Informatie is gebaseerd op de afgelopen 12 maanden.


  • Hellen de Leijer - NVM-makelaar

    Hellen de Leijer


  • Pieter Joep van den  Brink - NVM-makelaar

    Pieter Joep van den Brink


  • Heather van Leuverden - Kandidaat-makelaar

    Heather van Leuverden


  • Anniek Steltenpool Docter  -

    Anniek Steltenpool Docter

  • Susan Bosma  - NVM-makelaar

    Susan Bosma


  • Isabeau Boender - Kandidaat-makelaar

    Isabeau Boender


  • Patricia van Gulik -

    Patricia van Gulik

  • Kim de Vroe - Office manager

    Kim de Vroe

    Office manager

  • Marjolein With - Office manager

    Marjolein With

    Office manager


Address & opening hours

De Lairessestraat 123
1075 HH Amsterdam
Tomorrow Open from 08:45
  • Monday 08:45-17:30
  • Tuesday 08:45-17:30
  • Wednesday 08:45-17:30
  • Thursday 08:45-17:30
  • Friday 08:45-17:30
  • Saturday By appointment
  • Sunday Closed

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