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Almost a century

Anyone who chooses to work with Hoen Real Estate (established in 1929), opts for one of the oldest real estate firms in Amsterdam, where the values of founder C. Hoen continue to apply. There is a passionate team, always knowing exactly what is happening on the Amsterdam housing market. Using a personal approach, it is a team that explores the market for you with its intimate knowledge. A team that leads the way in every search, always driven to achieve the best results. Being an established name in the real estate business and with a large network, Hoen Real Estate can count on the loyalty of other major real estate agencies. In short, a partner that really helps you with one of the largest and most important transactions in your life...

Fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, and now also grandchildren, have let themselves be guided by Hoen Real Estate. They have been very satisfied with the excellent results.

Purchasing Guidance
The housing market in Amsterdam is hectic at the moment. Properties are only for sale for a short period of time and asking prices are often outbid. This requires a real estate who exactly knows what he is doing. An agent who is not guided by emotions, an agent who can always provide honest expert advice. This requires an agent from Hoen Real Estate.

Selling Guidance

Anyone can put up a home up for sale. But selling a house successfully requires specific knowledge and experience. Engaging Hoen Real Estate, you have come to one of the leading real eastate firms in Amsterdam. We can manage your complete sales process, always aiming for the best results.

Renatl Guidance

If you’re going to live somewhere else, but don’t want to sell your house immediately, you can consider renting it out temporarily. Renting out your property may also interest you if you have bought a property for investment reasons. It’s certain that in Amsterdam - where the demand for (rental) properties is high - your assets can grow in the present climate with attractive returns

However, renting out your property requires careful preparation. For example, you need to think of the current rental legislation and the drafting of a watertight rental contract. In addition, the right rental type and price are also important aspects to get sorted right from the start. Fortunately, the staff at Hoen Real Estate are well aware of the current regulations regarding rentals and can assist you where necessary


As the Dutch market has numerous rules and regulations for expats, Hoen Real Estate can provide excellent assistance in a complex legal environment. We know Dutch legislation like the back of our hand and know from years of experience with expats exactly what is needed (look here for experiences of expats that preceded you)


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