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Staete Drunen

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Residential specialists going the extra mile

Every housing situation is unique and deserves the greatest possible care. From selling your house to finding your dream home, financing it and of course valuing it. Staete residential specialists always take the extra mile and will always provide you with honest and sincere advice that suits your situation.

All-in-one solution
Staete's residential specialists know that a home is more than a house. Where do you want to move? What is your budget? Buy first or sell first? What are you worried about? Whatever your situation and housing question is: Staete will help you. That starts with insight, clarity and open and honest advice. You can always rely on that at Staete. This way you can move carefree, sell a house really well or buy and finance your new house with peace of mind.

Personal advice that suits you
All the residential specialist of Staete live nearby. They know the area, the local housing-market and the people who live there. There is an enormous dose of knowledge and expertise at your disposal. From Marketing specialists and Legal specialists, brokers and financial advisers. You always stay connected with your Personal Housing Advisor. Staete offers you the strength of a professional organization and the personal touch you are looking for.

Wherever, whenever you want
Staete is always nearby. In 's-Hertogenbosch Staete is located on two locations: Van Berckelstraat 67 and Lange Putstraat. There are also locations of Staete in the surrounding area, such as in Vlijmen and Sint-Michielsgestel. Because moving is also not limited to city boundaries. Staete can therefore move with you, wherever you want to move from or to. You can reach Staete by phone 6 days a week and even until 8 p.m. on Monday to Wednesday. You can also WhatsApp or email.
Whatever your housing question is; Staete helps

Every situation is unique.
The Staete residential specialists are all ears to get to know you. Find out what your housing demand really is. And to help you with this. Feel free to call, email or Whatsapp and let yourself be relieved. Staete. Residential specialists going the extra mile


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    Loret Vekemans

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    Rian van Son



Address & opening hours

Achterstraat 14 a
5151 BT Drunen
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