KIN Makelaars Tilburg

KIN Makelaars Tilburg

KIN Makelaars Tilburg

8,9 (158 sellers)

The most selling real estate agent of Tilburg

In 2020 Kin Makelaars Tilburg will again be the most selling real estate agent in Tilburg (and Goirle together). (Source: Funda and competition figures NVM).

Up to and including 2020 Kin Makelaars Tilburg - as a relatively 'small' and approachable office - is the 3rd most selling estate agent of all of North Brabant. (Source: NVM competition figures).

At the moment even the number 11 most selling broker of the Netherlands! (Source: Real Estate Top 100).

We achieve this through unbridled commitment, the largest network of 6 offices and a high quality staff. Customers reward us with a 9.0 for a reason and we are very proud of that!

Our credo is: we are not just looking for a buyer, but the best buyer!

A frequently asked question: "Do you already have a buyer for my house in your large database?". Our standard answer: "Yes!

Our advice however is: "always put your property on the market. If there is one buyer, there are more! We don't make it easy on ourselves and look for not just any candidate for our seller, but the best!"

Selling a home in this day and age does not have to be an art. Selling at the best attainable price and the best party, on the other hand, remains a skill. Curious about how we are able to realize the dream price for your home? Our qualities in a number of spearheads:
Selling at the best price is our motivation: we sell almost 70% of the house AROUND the already ambitious asking price. It's all about timing, knowledge and experience;
We sell on average within 6 to 8 weeks at the highest price;
We take the initiative, show creativity, but really do it together with the seller;
We work with the best photographers and ensure a large reach of photos, two videos and highlights on social media;
We have the largest and most active SOCIAL MEDIA network (Facebook and Instagram) and work with specialists in this field;
We always work with a NEN 2580 measurement report and live rooms measured;
Largest buyers network in the region with 6 offices in Tilburg, Rijen, Breda, Waalwijk, Dongen and Geldrop;
You can participate free of charge in 6 viewing events (KIN Quick View) per year with individual viewing appointments for viewers;
We distribute the monthly Kin newsletter with (new) offers to approximately 24,000 connected potential buyers;
We can also be reached in the evenings and at weekends and you will have one permanent contact person;
Our market knowledge, service and involvement are assessed by sellers with a 9.0;
Certified and trained staff and NVM brokers and appraisers.

Kin probationary period!
Because we are sure of our business we are launching the "KIN trial period". Here you have the opportunity to put your home for sale for example 3 months, participate in the next KIN QUICK VIEW and then consider to continue or end the sale. If you stop, you do not pay a withdrawal fee.

Want to know what we can do for you?
Call, email or app us (06 30 00 33 29) for a FREE VALUE ASSESSMENT! You will get immediate insight into the current value and sales opportunities. We have certified appraisers and trained real estate agents who can professionally determine the sales value and pricing strategy.


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    English and Dutch

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    Sale, rental, purchase, hire, appraisals, new construction, advice, home styling, home photography and search service

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    VastgoedCert, NWWI, NRVT and WFT

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    Purchase, business space, investing, offices, new construction and stores


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  • Rembrant Venmans RMT (Register-Makelaar/Taxateur) - NVM-makelaar (directeur)

    Rembrant Venmans RMT (Register-Makelaar/Taxateur)

    NVM-makelaar (directeur)

  • Maikel van den  Broek (Register-Makelaar/Taxateur) - Makelaar

    Maikel van den Broek (Register-Makelaar/Taxateur)


  • Sjoerd de Vegt  KRMT (Kandidaat-Makelaar/Taxateur) - Kandidaat-makelaar

    Sjoerd de Vegt KRMT (Kandidaat-Makelaar/Taxateur)


  • Rens Arkesteijn ARMT (Assistent-Makelaar/Taxateur) - Afd. buitendienst

    Rens Arkesteijn ARMT (Assistent-Makelaar/Taxateur)

    Afd. buitendienst

  • Martijn Wilhelm  - Vastgoedadviseur

    Martijn Wilhelm


  • Noud van Empel MRE (Master Real Estate) - Vastgoedadviseur

    Noud van Empel MRE (Master Real Estate)


  • Sweder Boeve - Commercieel medewerker

    Sweder Boeve

    Commercieel medewerker

  • Daimy Poppelaars - Administratief medewerker

    Daimy Poppelaars

    Administratief medewerker

  • Yoeri Heurter - Commercieel medewerker

    Yoeri Heurter

    Commercieel medewerker


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Bredaseweg 219 01
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